Protecting your smile while playing sports is essential when you have braces. The Skin to Smile team recommends mouthguards for a range of sports activities, but it is especially important to be worn during orthodontic treatment to avoid damage to the teeth and lips, and to prevent concussions while playing sports.

Mouthguards come in two varieties, premade and custom made. Pre-made or “boil-and-bite” mouthguards are usually adequate for non-orthodontic patients but usually do not have adequate fit for orthodontic patients, which can lead to irritations in the mouth and lack of wear due to poor fit. Certain brands of over the counter mouthguards are very effective and have the proper fit over orthodontic appliances to achieve adequate protection during sports activities.

Custom mouthguards are completely customized via a 3D digital scan of the patient’s dentition and their orthodontic appliances to ensure the perfect fit and protection. Additionally, custom mouthguards can be decorated with any design, from your name and jersey number to your favorite sport team logo!

Getting a mouthguard at Skin to Smile is simple and efficient. At your consultation appointment at our Morristown orthodontic office, we will review the benefits of the mouthguard and perform a 3D scan for the fabrication of your custom-made appliance. You will also be offered the option to choose from a variety of custom logos or create your own custom design to showcase your unique creative style. The appliance is fabricated within two weeks, after which you will return to our office for a fitting, to ensure your appliance was perfectly made to your dentition and is comfortable. At this visit, we will review use and care instructions for your brand new appliance and you will receive a goody bag to make sure you have all the best tools for cleaning and storage of your brand new custom mouthguard!

Care for a mouthguard is simple and does not require much effort or time. It is important to brush the mouthguard after each use to avoid buildup of bacteria and plaque. We recommend soaking the mouthguard in a cleaning solution for a more thorough clean once a month. The mouthguard should be stored in a case provided to you by Dr. Gonchar to avoid losing it and to prevent pets from using them as a chew toy.